How To Track Your Pallet

Tracking your palletised consignment is easy with our different tracking facilities now available online. The below steps will direct you to our pallet tracking system, and how to get your own proof of deliveries. 

1. Consignee Tracking

If you want a simple consignment update, or would like your customer to be able to track their own consignment, go to our home page and you will see 'Track Your Pallet' on the banner at the bottom.

This will bring a pop up box asking for your delivery post code and tracking number; once you provide these details it will bring your items information up, including pallet scans and delivery date. 

2. POD Tracking

This facility allows our customers access directly in to the network system, where you can see handheld POD's as well as uploaded customer paperwork and scanning information. 

This can be accessed via the menu at the top of our home page and 'Tracking' then 'Track My Pallet'. Alternatively click here to go straight to the log in home page.

You will require a separate username and password to track your deliveries on this site; this will be provided for you when you set up your account by your customer care advisor, if you are not sure of your details, contact our customer services department and they will be happy to assist.

Once you are logged in you can track your consignments by consignment number, customer reference (REF1 when you input the consignment) manifest date and delivery postcode. 

Your consignment details will come up with the delivery post code, name, service, number of pallets, manifest date and then the 'View' column on the right hand side.

You will see you can select 'View Track & Trace' here and this will show you the scans on all of your pallets, as well as any discrepancies and booking in information.

If you are looking for a POD once the pallet has been delivered there will be a link to 'View Signature' & 'Display POD'. 

The signature option will be the handheld delivery POD and will be uploaded instantaneously. The POD link is the drivers run sheet that is currently still signed upon delivery, if you have attached customer paperwork to the job this will also be scanned on here. 

3. Online Entry Portal

There is also a tracking facility on the pallet entry portal where you entered the address details. 

Once you have logged in onto your account there is a Track & Trace tab. 

On the track and trace page it will bring up all of your most recent jobs, you can manipulate the data at the top either by date, consignment number, postcode, customer reference etc. 

You can then click pod for a copy of the proof of delivery once the pallet has been delivered, or click the + in the latest column to see all the scans for that consignment. 

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