Inputting a Southern Ireland Pallet

1. Log in to the pallet entry system as normal. 

2. Enter Jobs.

3. On the right hand side where you input the delivery address, beside the postcode there is a small drop down box with GBR inside. 

4. Press the arrow and scroll to the bottom of the drop down list and find IRL and select this area code. 

5. The system will then automatically grey out the Town, County & Post Code box. 

6. Click Addr Search. 

7. This will then bring a gazateer for all of Southern Ireland, match up the Town & County to your delivery address and select the correct option. 

8. Once you have done this, underneath is an address box, complete the final address details such as the Company Name and Property / Road and click Save. 

9. Complete the rest of your consignment details as normal providing as much information as possible. 

10. Save & Print your label at the bottom of the page. 



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