Inputting A Pallet Online

Whether you are a new or old customer, the below instructions should help you when inputting a consignment on to our pallet entry system. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to speak to our team here

1. Accessing the pallet portal

You can get yourself here a number of ways, either by clicking this link or on our main website in the Customer Area you will see a Pallet tab. Your dedicated customer care advisor should have already been in touch with you to give you your login and password; you will need these to complete the next step. 

2. Virtual Tour

You're in! The pallet entry system has a few different features that you will need to navigate to get the best out of our services. Once you have logged on, you will see 6 boxes on the home screen I will briefly explain what each one does before we go into more detail on how to input your deliveries online. 

View Jobs - You will be able to view all the jobs you have entered online from this button; you can easily manipulate a search to look by date, consignment number, post code etc. Handy if you need to check on something.

Track & Trace - This is another easy way to track your pallets.

Addresses - Any delivery addresses you need to save will be stored here. 

Print Documents - An overview of your deliveries to be dispatched on this day, you will also print your manifest from here at the bottom of the page.

Upload Paperwork to Consignment - Scan customer paperwork to be printed and sent with the driver by the delivering depot. 

3. Entering Your Consignment

To input your delivery you will need to press the 'Enter Jobs' button and it will take you to a blank consignment entry page, 

  • Enter Customer Ref 1 with a number you may need to be able to refer to when tracking the delivery.
  • Input the delivery postcode first and select 'Address Search' this will bring up the address details as per our Gazetteer. You will also need a telephone number and delivery contact.
  • Now enter the pallets and weight. Please note if your pallet is oversized you will also need to enter the number of spaces. EG. 1 oversized pallet which is 1.8m x 1m x 1m  would be input as 1 oversized pallet, when you put a number in this box a drop down box will appear with Full, Half, Qtr & Spaces. The above example would be classed as 2 x half pallet spaces so put a 2 next to half and then another 2 in the spaces box as both of these boxes refer to the number of spaces the pallet will take up. To look at our pallet dimensions press here.
  • Next enter the service code; we have a number of different services available which are listed here on our website. Select the service you require, this should automatically change the delivery date on the right beneath your delivery address. If you are sending a Pre-booked delivery you will need to ensure this date specifies the delivery date you require. 
  • Finally there are 4 lines available for you to provide us with any extra notes or instructions. 
  • Once you are done you can press 'Save and Print' this will generate a paper pallet label you can attach to your pallet

4. Printing Your Manifest

Once all of your consignments have been input, don't forget to go back to the home page and print a manifest for the driver on the Print Documents tab. You will see the button at the bottom of the page to the right with today's date beside it.

Important Note: As a network there are certain time restrictions for certain services to be on the system by a specific time. 10 pallets or more must be entered on to the system by 15:00pm and if you need to delete them they must be removed by 15:15pm, otherwise charges may apply.

Standard deliveries must be input onto the system with a cut off of 6pm. 

Consignments with a surcharge for example a timed delivery, must be entered on to the system by 5:30pm. This just helps with the delivering depots and their routing. 

Also, don't forget to arrange collection with us before booking your pallets on the web system; you can do this on the home page and clicking Book a Collection.

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