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New Electric Pump Trucks


There have been murmurs in the transport industry for the last few years on the safety of manual pump trucks, and whether there should be a restiction on the weight of a pallet they can handle. 

We have made the decision to trial Electric Pallet Trucks in 2019, with the view of replacing all of our manual pump trucks. 

Below are a few of the pros to changing to Electric Pallet Trucks:

  • Power assisted lifting minimizes muscle strain and other lifting associated injuries.  
  • Efficient and east to operate
  • Powered lifting, lowering, walking and turning. 

When interviewing the drivers who have tested the new trucks, they described it as a game changer. 

We currently have 2 different types of electric trucks on trial whilst we test them on different delivery runs to see how versatile they can be. We will keep you posted